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Terms and conditions

RedBnB is a platform for renting/leasing places to have dates. We are not responsable for any contents in it's ads what so ever.

ReBnb is not responsable for any harm done using this platform to rent or lease a place trought this platform.

You must be older than 18 to rent or lease a place through this platform.

RedBnb stores information about its users to make the platform run. You can at any moment see, change or delete this information.

All transactions, reservations and rental made through this platform are the users responsibility.

Everyone who rents out a place trough this platform is responsible for it and has to make sure that they are in accordance with local legislation, fire safety and taxes.

If you have demonstrable costs due to misconduct of tenants, and you took the ensurance we offer, then we can intervene for a maximum of €100 per claim. (RedBnB will decide if your claim is valid or not, by the information you provide .)

Users of this platform are obliged to agree with the Terms/conditions of this platform!