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What is RedBnB?

Do you have 'dating' services to offer, but do not have a place to do that?

This platform offers you places where you can do your 'dating'.

Just search for a city you want to offer your services, and get the list of available places (rooms, studio's, appartements, all over the EU.)


Do you have a space to rent? Yust signup and make a profile of your place and fill out your agenda and start making rental-income.

You can use this rental agreement document for safety and tax-purposes


RedBnB has nothing to do with Airbnb or Redlights. It is an isolated project.


RedBnB is a platform for renting/leasing places to have dates. We are not responsable for any contents in it's ads what so ever. Users of this platform are obliged to agree with the Terms/conditions of this platform!